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About fifty ECP collaborators have been working for more than ten years for an international industrial group, a major player in energy and nuclear fuel.

Our client values nuclear materials so that they contribute to the development of society in the field of energy but also in nuclear medicine research. It offers high value-added products and services throughout the nuclear fuel cycle, from raw materials to waste treatment. Its activities, from mining to decommissioning, conversion, enrichment, recycling, logistics and engineering, contribute to the production of low-carbon electricity.

Our team, wich is in four of our client’s decision-making centres, deals with various construction projects as on the management of maintenance operations for existing units. Our Training School also provides our client with courses on Primavera software.

With the Oracle Primavera and MS Project tools we manage the planning subject within the Project Management. We interface with the various stakeholders to monitor the progress of the projects and ensure that deadlines are met and information is fed back.

Within the End of Cycle Operational Department, our consultants work in a group on a Project Management Office service. We provide technical support and solutions in the development of monitoring tools.

We manage the planning an de the cost control. Our team develops analyses to check whether the budget is in line with the forecast. In terms of contract management, we ensure that the contract is properly carried out, we interact with suppliers to optimise the monitoring of supplies and we draw up claims.

We are organised as a platform within the Technical Project Department. There we monitor continuous improvement and supervise external parties in order to meet the requirements of the Basic Nuclear Installations Order. The aim is to monitor the smooth running of processes within the quality management system. We also provide support to the project owner in the application of safety requirements: for example, we ensure that the subcontractor has correctly defined the safety requirements in all the construction documents.

Finally, we ensure the identification of risks and opportunities. We carry out the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the impact and probability of occurrence of events. We carry out quantitative analyses with the pilots in order to determine the level of coverage of the projects in the face of hazards. Our analyses enable us to respond to risks with mitigation plans that help determine what actions to take to reduce the impact.


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