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Our client is a leading provider of high technology engineering services to the aerospace and defence industries.

ECP services were asked to contribute to the project management of the nacelle system of large cabin business aircraft. This system contributes directly to the performance of the aircraft.

The different services we provide are the following:

  • Management of the system planning with Microsoft Project
  • Update of the schedule during weekly sessions to be built with the project pilots and the project manager
  • Planning summary and distribution
  • Follow-up of deliverables
  • Monthly monitoring of deliverable updates
  • Negotiation of dates with the Technical Brands
  • Steering of weekly reporting
  • Updating the file containing the summary of the stages and deliverables expected for certification
  • On the basis of the MSP System schedule, extraction of a summary detailing the stages of the qualification tests and presenting the progress curve (S curve).

As most of the materials are pre-existing and updated, it is a matter of ensuring the resumption of the management of activities and deliverables with the help of the project manager and project engineers. The activities are carried out on all the equipment and integrate the system level activities (architecture, ARP4754A, system bench, simulation).


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