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Background and issues :

Our client is a leader in the rail transport sector in France. It undertakes numerous modernization and accessibility projects for stations and platforms.

Within the framework of the law n°2005-102 of February 11, 2005 for the equality of rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of disabled people, imposing on the competent authorities the obligation to make accessible the services for which they are responsible, our client has launched projects of PMR accessibility or modernization for the stations of Arras (PRO & REA), La Bassée (REA), Lille Flandres (PRO & REA), Valenciennes (PRO & REA) and Hazebrouck (PRO & REA).

These operations consist of work on the platforms, platform shelters, underpasses or footbridges, and signage.

In parallel, this client has also launched several other projects such as

  • The rehabilitation of engineering structures on the Lourches/Valenciennes line, mainly involving the reinforcement of abutments and the replacement of metal decks
  • The replacement of a BOW STRING type metal footbridge in Hazebrouck station
  • Upgrading of the Lourches/Valenciennes line (national market not included) with mainly a complete renewal (RVB) on more than 11 k

In this context, this client mandated ECP to provide operational support in PMO project management, in particular on the planning.


  • Organization, planning, phasing of operations
  • Drafting of project master plans
  • Follow-up of the planning, of the studies and data acquisition program
  • Organization and management of the general planning
  • Follow-up of the physical progress schedule (forecast/realized)
  • Approval of the tender documents before the call for tenders
  • Realization of the technical analysis of the offers and validation by the PRM (person in charge of the contract)
  • Realization of the companies’ presentations
  • Follow-up of the works contracts on the MOEG side (General project management contract).


  • Time savings through the implementation of optimizations in scheduling activities and interfaces.
  • Better coordination of operations thanks to the implementation of weekly and monthly meetings.
  • Efficiency and time savings for the client project manager, who benefits from a support in the writing of reports.

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